Benefits of 日本

Benefits of going to 日本 (Japan) during High School

1. You remove yourself from your past emotions that build up and overwhelm you, and you get away from your family.

2. There are plenty of classes for/involving technology.

3. You will be super-impressive as an american that can speak Japanese.

4. You don’t pay as much for heating during the winter, because there is no central heating (or cooling) in Japan. Everybody has one heater per room, and they work really fast. Also, the toilet seats are heated during the winter, so you don’t have to worry about your cold butt.

5. Public transportation is AMAZING. No need to worry about someone giving you a ride. ANYWHERE.

6. If you are feeling stressed after all of the school, you can go to a temple on the weekend and meditate to become SUPER RELAXED.

7. The homes look amazing!

8. Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the WORLD.

9. You will get a good nights sleep nearly every night because of the shiki futons and buckwheat pillows.

10. The schools themselves don’t look cheap; like they were made by the lowest bidder *cough*Im looking at you america*cough*

11. The malls are HUGE and have everything you could think of.

12. Japanese candy is know as the BEST in the world.

13. Because of all of the walking, biking, and amazingly healthy AND good tasting food, Japan has a much higher life expectancy rate.

14. The Japanese can hold intelligent conversation, because a good amount of Japanese people are considered “Geniuses” by american standards.

15. The urban environment in the suburbs and city are really good for parkour.

16. The food is great, and mostly NOT imported.

17. The Japanese language may be weird (at least to a foreigner), but it’s pretty AWESOMERIFIC to read, write, and speak.

18. The ヤクザ (yakuza), or Japanese Mafia, is not that big, and will not just kill (or kidnap/torture) you for being within their areas. You will generally NOT be in danger around these kind of people.

19. You will always have stories to tell (to the Japanese), because of the fact that you come from an entirely different country, and when (if) you go back to america, you will have plenty of stories to tell about Japan.

20. As a foreigner the Japanese girls (or boys, if you’re a girl) will LOVE you, your accent, and your “polite” ways ;P


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Vince on May 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    21. It’s a good way to experience foreign cultures.


    • Posted by Alex on May 2, 2010 at 12:56 pm

      Well yeah, going to a place is a good way to experience it, especially if it’s a foreign place… ;P


  2. Posted by Vince on May 16, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Oh and for all you otakus out there there’s the manga. XD


  3. It’s too late for me to go to Japan during high school – I am graduating from high school this June – but I do still plan on going later in life. I will wait until I am done going to College before heading off to Japan, though. I need to finish learning Japanese anyway, so waiting won’t be that bad. I think Japan is amazing, and I can’t wait to go there. I do love Canada, but I just love Japan a tad more. 🙂

    You will already be basking in the amazingness that is Japan, by the time I get there! ;P


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