So to get to Japan during High School, I need to go with a very special type of group/program.

Well, because I can’t just buy a plane ticket and fly to Japan, then sign up for High School. In need to be put in the system. And I need a visa. My mum told me it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get back to 日本 for a year during HS. She said that I would need to wait for my second year of College. Without even looking for a program, I stumbled apon this: Association of Teachers of Japanese. I had found the source I was looking for stumbled upon. I got really excited, and called my friend (because he also wants to leave the lovely  U. S. of A.  ASAP)

Here is the problem; I don;t really have the money it costs right now. The most expensive program: $11,950
The cheapest program: $7,200, However, the cheapest one dosn’t have any details about the trip itself at all. The most expensive one is also run by the most prestigious program, the AFS. The second most prestigious program was actually somewhere on the higher scale of the prices at $10,995.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber; here are the programs && their sites. The programs I have included all have the 1 year option, because that is the one I want to do. Oh, and 日本語 means Japanese. Anything with the question mark on it means the information was not there, so I am not sure.

Ages ?-?
? yr 日本語

Center For Cultural Exchange
Ages 16-18
1 yr 日本語

Youth For Understanding
Ages 15-18
? yr 日本語

The American Field Service
Ages 15-17
? yr 日本語

AYUSA Global Youth Exchange
Ages 15-18
1 yr 日本語

Ages ?-?
? yr 日本語

So there you go. Those are my options, and I nicely listed them by the price (which could change at any time).
You might want to close this page now.
(There is a CIA agent standing behind you in disguise as someone you know).


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  1. Posted by kiki on April 27, 2010 at 9:18 am

    You definitely have to go with YFU. They have a great support system, they are respectable, reliable, they know what it’s all about. And they really don’t focus on the money, which is why I’m so passionate about YFU, because they are really there for us youth, and for cultural tolerance and understanding. But yeah, I actually went on a summer exchange to Japan with YFU, and would whole-heartedly recommend doing a foreign exchange to Japan with them.



  2. Well thank you for the commentary, Kiki.
    I actually know a few people that have gone through YFU, and it sounds like a great program.
    The problem is, I don’t think Brazen will be old enough by the time we leave (He turned 14 not to long ago).
    But thanks anyway


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